A tool for Tax Planning : OFFSHORE Company

CSL “Companies Special License” in Seychelles’s Jurisdiction

To relocate his company in a country with no double taxation agreement can be a  judicious choose in tax planning.
The Seychelles Islands has signed several double taxation treaties in particular with  :
China , South Africa , Malaysia , Thailand , Indonesia  Mauritius, Oman, Zimbabwe, Botswana
Some negotiations concluded and awaiting date for signature: Russia, Egypt, Vietnam , United Arab Emirates .
The creation of a CSL in Seychelles allow to benefit of law taxation of this structure and to profit  of the no double taxation treaties .

Characteristics  of an  Company Special License or CSL

The CSL, Companies Special License  can do all legal activities outside Seychelles
The CSL,  Companies Special License  pay:

  • Initial application fees d: USD 200
  • Annual License fees : USD 1,000
  •  Annual filing fees : USD 200

During the life of the company, a CSL Companies Special License is liable of a business tax at  the rate of 1.5% on all its world-wide income.
CSL’s Companies Special License are exempt of withholding tax on dividend, interest and royalties of stamp duties  on property transfer, shares transfer and other business transactions.

An CSL Company Special License is exempt de of trades tax on all furniture and equipment imported for the running of his office in Seychelles.
An CSL Company Special License benefits of exemption of Social security contribution and fees for work permit for expatriate workers.

The objects of a CSL Companies Special License can be:

  • Investment management and advice
  • Off shore banking
  • Off shore insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Business of :
    (a) an investment company
    (b) a holding company
    (c) a marketing company
    (d) a company holding intellectual property
    (e) a headquarters company
    (f) a human resources company
    (g) a franchise company
  • Business under a ITZ license
  • Any other business approved by the authority

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