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Offshore, onshore companies:

What is the difference between offshore and onshore?
The offshore company is a corporate entity located in another country than the country where the activities are taking place, at the opposite, the onshore company allow to work in Seychelles and possibly to reside here.

What are the sectors in which the offshore companies are most favorable in dealing with?
Offshore is convenient for all sectors of activities (such as finance, real estate, license, intellectual property, etc…) subject to the condition that it is an internationally based activity.

What is the client’s use of an offshore business?
‘Go Offshore’ is an enterprise strategy. It is usually important to use structures that enable them to lessen the pressure of taxation. With the IBC (International Business Company), we possess a useful tool. That company regulates only 100$ of taxes whatever the increase in the tax or in the benefits. It is possible to be the sole shareholder of the company. Accountancy does not have to be deposited and an account can be opened within 48 hrs in the same jurisdiction or elsewhere if the client wishes to do so.
This company can hold some social parts,  be it the owner of an item of property or a boat. This is a suitable structure for optimistic tax authorities.

How would you consider your profession as an International Corporate Service Provider?
Our activities do not only consist of registering offshore companies, but also to advice and help our clients in order for them to be able to obtain the maximum out of their revenues.
I would have to say that our profession differs in comparison to that of an architect; we have at our disposition the tools of taxation, the national and international laws, the conventions between different countries.
With all those elements we should plan the best structure in order to obtain perenniality of our clients.

Where does the Seychelles stand in comparison to the other countries that also practice the offshore business?
The jurisdiction in Seychelles has never been on the black list as tax havens of OECD or in the report of Levin-Coleman-Obama Stop Tax Haven Abuse ACT, which is very reassuring for the clients. 
The SIBA (our organization of guardianship) controls regularly the office business as they work side by side with the different government problems and regulations, reliability, competence, code of conduct and professional insurance inability.

Yachts registration.

Why to register the boat in Seychelles?
Notwithstanding the Seychelles flag is clean, internationaly accepted and apprecied, it permits to benefit of tax and shipping rights not prohibitif.

What vessels does this flag concern?
All type of vessel less than 15 years old, unless exception.
The boat regitered as commercial entity must be inpected before by the Seychelles Maritime Authorities elsewhere in the world.

Why register your yacht outside of France?
• Because some countries are more attractive in terms of maritime duties and taxes.

Why choose Seychelles flag?
• Because the Republic of Seychelles is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the OAU (Organisation of African Unity), the Indian Ocean Commission and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The flag Seychelles is a ‘clean’ flag.
• Because the tax benefits are important:
– No VAT
– No customs duties
– No capital gains on resale
– No transfer duty
– Excluded from the personal assets
– ….
• Because the rate of registration of the yacht regardless of the tonnage fixed
(€ 2,500 radio license included), the maintenance of the flag is only € 390 per year.

Why Cote d’Azur Mahe Registered Agent Ltd?
• Because maritime law professionals Seychelles for over 10 years, we operate and reside in the Seychelles, no middleman.
• Because we are setting up legal structures, including the benefits of Seychelles flag and tax planning in the country.
• Because we travel with an official of the SMSA (Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration) to check if the condition of the used yacht.
The permits may be issued during this inspection, and the boat can be recorded directly without intermediate permanently.

We recall that these structures are fully legal and comply with international rules, the Seychelles flagged vessels to leave only once every 18 months, their home port, if located in the European Community.
CAMRA our society saves all kinds of ships, pleasure boats, yachts, megayachts, tall ships, racing boats, charters,  Research boat…

To Reside, to Invest

The Seychelles attracts real estate investors more, why?
Seychelles has managed to retain their authenticity and especially protected their environment.
To date, few countries can rival the Seychelles in the living environment, the beaches are pristine concrete, the mountain has kept its endemic forests, the population has remained itself. The system is stable, life is peaceful.
The configuration of the country is very demanding for real estate programs.
There are few, and even if demand is very strong, the government does not allow construction anywhere.
Another positive, the Seychelles are not on the road of cyclones.

What are the advantages of Victoria and its surroundings from another city of the Indian Ocean for those who want to settle or take?
I do not think that we can compare the Seychelles with other capitals of the Indian Ocean.
If we were to make a comparison, we should say that the Seychelles are unique. Business at offshore jurisdiction of Seychelles is one of the least restrictive jurisdictions, however, they are not gray or black lists of the OECD to work locally, all depend on the sector.
The zone is very well equipped, sea links, airlines, and telecommunications are well developed.

Do you offer a support service for the entrepreneur who wants to develop the local market and its opportunities?
Yes we can to provide our customers a local network.
We can introduce them to decision makers and several business associations (English, French, Italian, Indian …)

What are the main challenges faced by an expatriate family in the process of expatriation in the Seychelles?
Everything will depend on the location. On Mahe, there are real problems (housing, schools, shops, leisure etc. ..) If there are young teens, this will certainly be more difficult in other islands.

How to live in the Seychelles, which tracks for investment?
You can get a resident permit for 5 years.
Direct investment is rising in recent years, the areas of real estate, luxury shops, boat and hostels in high-level lot in my future.

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