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Welcome to our website “societe-internationale.com” specialist offshore company formation and onshore business in the Seychelles since 1998.

Since January 2019, International Business Company (IBC) can partially work with Seychelles.

In this case, these companies (IBC) will be assigned a tax number (TIN- Tax Identification Number). These new law make it possible to declassify the IBC (International Business Company) of the category of purely offshore , which facilitates commercial and financial exchanges.

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Your offshore company formation (IBC) in Seychelles jurisdiction, the advantages:

  1. Simple memorandum and articles of association
    • The company name may be preceded or followed by “Limited”, “Company” or “Incorporated” or abbreviations “Ltd”, “Corp”, “Inc” .
    • Require a minimum of one director or shareholder which can be a natural person or corporate entity.
    • No minimum capital.
    • No proof of deposit of capital is required.
  2. Anonymity
    • Possibility to use Nominee shareholders and directors.
    • Only one shareholder or director is required and can be the same person.
  3. Minimum Taxation
    • The annual renewal fee of USD 150 is fixed for the life of the IBC regardless of the capital.
    • No audited or financial reports are required to be filed with the Seychelles authorities.
  4. Swiftness
    • The customer does not have to come in Seychelles.
    • The company is registered within 24/48 working hours.
  5. Protect assets
    • The Seychelles offshore company can own boats, airplanes, buildings.

Examples of activities for an offshore company in Seychelles:

  • Intangible activities, import/export
  • Receive income from intellectual services
  • E.business (excluding delivery of goods)
  • Outsourcing of accounting and secretarial services
  • Software development,
  • Web site hosting, webmaster
  • AdSense and advertising
  • Show Biz, high level sports
  • Copyright , license
  • personal investment management
  • holding companies, boats, aircraft
  • coaching

Our price

You will find our rates in the form of packages; A personalized quote is possible for the firms.
Our base price for an IBC setup is USD 890 . Click here see our packages

Steps to follow to setup an offshore company in Seychelles

  1. complete and return the questionnaire to us
  2. provide a certified copy of an identity document (e.g. passport or national identity card) and a proof of address dating not more than 3 months.
  3. make the payment by bank transfer or Western Union

The company (IBC) can be incorporated within 24/48 business hours of receipt of payment and the above listed documents.

Our packages for IBC Offshore Setup and find the right package for you.

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