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Offshore Bank Accounts

Possibility of opening and transfer of personal bank accounts.

Bank Accounts with offshore company in the Seychelles Islands

A bank account associated to your offshore or on shore company is often essential.

“Societe Internationale” opens bank accounts  for onshore and offshore companies in  Seychelles or Mauritius.

Our professional status  and the signing of a charter of good conduct give us the status of “eligible introducer” from financial institutions in general.

Thus the bank account opening and administration of the case are thereby greatly simplified, we send the file directly to our bank customers.

However, we cannot guarantee the opening of the bank account, it is the decision of the bank.

Upon receipt of documents signed by the director or (and) the economic beneficiary of the offshore company or on shore accompanied with the documents, and after approval of the bank, an account number is allocated within a few days by the chosen bank.

The services offered by these banking institutions are in general:

  • Opening and holding of Accounts in currency (Euros, Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Yens…)
  • International transactions in foreign currencies;
  • Exchange Operations;
  • Provision of international credit card type “Visa” or “MasterCard”;
  • Consultation of accounts “on line”;
  • Electronic banking;

We recall that for offshore companies it is difficult (if not impossible) to obtain lines of credit, borrowings or other cash facilities.

Business Services of the bank are:

  • Opening accounts in all major currencies (Euro,USD, Pound ,Yens…)
  • International transactions.
  • Cash management.
  • Foreign exchange.
  • Interest-bearing accounts.
  • credit card international type “aimed”.
  • global banking services.

Bank Account introduction

How can I open a bank account from home?

Currently we offer assistance in opening bank accounts in Seychelles, Mauritius .

After having indicating us your chosen bank name and account type you will have to fill in a specific form providing us with the following information :

  • the currency ($, €, £ ) and the type of account
  • the proposed activities of the client company
  • the geographical place of your activities
  • the business plan
  • the projected number and the value of your monthly transactions
  • the annual turnover

You must provide us:

1. Passport copies of: Beneficial Owner(s), Directors, Controlling shareholders and authorized signatories certified by a reputable bank, Consulate, Embassy, governmental body or approved Introducer with the following words ‘Original Seen’. Along with the name, position of the certifier, date, and the relevant stamp.

2. An original recent, i.e. less than 3 months old, bank or credit card statement or Utility Bill of Beneficial Owner(s), Directors, Controlling shareholders and authorized signatories. Showing Proof of residential address. (Certified copy acceptable.)

3. a letter of bank reference less than 3 months old.

We must have:

  • certification incorporation
  • good standing certificate if the company is more than one year old
  • Originals or a certified copy of company documents

We will forward you by mail all the necessary attached documents to be fully signed. You will have to return them more preferably by special couriers (DHL, FEDEX, Chronopost or others) with all the necessary here above requested documents.

On receipt, we check the file and we make an appointment with the person responsible for the opening of offshore bank account in Seychelles, or we send the file checked in the other jurisdictions by DHL.

When the file is complete and approved by the bank, we send you the details of the accounts by email and then by mail.

It should be noted that Bank Account introduction fees do not implicate any obligation of result, as banks are free to refuse to open accounts for certain customers, activities or countries.

Although we do our best to prepare the file, we cannot be responsible for a refusal by the bank, or a delay in the transmission by the client of the required documents.

Our mission of banking account introduction finishes with a letter or a mail from the bank stating that an account is opening with the contact details, or a refusal to open the account, without giving a particular reason.

It is important to note that more and more banks are requiring the registered agent to be a co-signer on their clients’ accounts, this system in place to prevent money laundering allows for better control over transfers of funds.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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