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Boats and yacht registration services in the Seychelles (register a boat under Seychelles flag)

Sailing under flag Seychellois is a solution to avoid paying too many rights of navigation, taxes and other taxes.

To register a boat under Seychelles flag , you need either to be a Seychelles citizen , or to register a Seychelles company for this purpose.

  • In the case of boating mainly outside the territorial waters of Seychelles, it is necessary to set up an IBC International Business Company, an Offshore company in Seychelles, which will own the boat.
  • In the case of a commercial navigation, (charter, cruise etc …) an onshore company will be recommended. This company will be the owner of the vessel to be registered and must therefore comply with the Seychelles maritime laws and with the legal provisions in force with regard to tax and social charges in the Seychelles.

As a Seychelles maritime law professional, we can put in place other legal schemes including the advantages of the Seychelles flag and the tax optimization of the country.

Each file has its particularities, we advise and treat the whole file and propose durable solutions.

The rules for register of boat under Seychelles flag

To safeguard the image of Seychelles and to avoid “the wrecks” the limiting age of the boat to be recorded is fixed at 15 years, with however possibilities of exemption for well-maintained ships.

If the boat is not in territorial waters of Seychelles, it is possible to record it temporarily in a diplomatic representation Seychelles abroad. The provisional recording is valid for 90 days renewable.

For a new boat of series, the permanent recording can be done directly through an application which we submit at the Port authorities of Victoria.

For a boat of not standard occasion (limited series), the ship must be appraised by a company of classification recognized by the Seychelles authorities.

  • example Bureau Veritas (France)

For the owners who wish it, a representative of  “Société Internationale”can travel with a person in charge for the MSA (Maritime Safety Administration) in order to check the state of the yacht.

If the ship corresponds to the standards, all the authorizations necessary for the recording of the aforesaid boat will be delivered at the time of this inspection, and the boat could be recorded directly.

Type of Navigation

Bareboat Chartering.

Ship Management Headquarters.

Ship management companies will find Seychelles attractive as a base for managing.

Ships under various flags.

Chartering, crewing.

Ship brooking and similar activities.