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International Trade Zone in the Seychelles

The structure for set up a business in the Seychelles International Trade Zone (SITZ) can be with a Company Special License (CSL) or an onshore company.

Once the structure establish, an application must be made for to obtain a SITZ license .

The rules for obtain a license for a company in the SITZ.

The application contains:

  • the type of proposed activity.
  • the size of investment.
  • a business plan.
  • an employment plan with a minimum.
  • a personal questionnaire of the promoter.
  • personal reference, bank reference & auditor reference of the promoter.

With ZERO taxes, license fees fixed for life, ability to import 100% foreign labor, a strategic location in the middle of the Indian Ocean as well as many other attractive features.

Seychelles is the logical point from which to establish and manage an International Business for Africa or Asia.

Advantages of jurisdiction of Seychelles.

  • Seychelles is a member of the LOME Convention covering preferential import conditions to EEC countries and a member of COMESA.
  • Seychelles have the deepest sea port of the region and it is a strategic Location.
  • The concessions are guaranteed by law.
  • The clearance of imports and exports are fast and efficient.
  • The attractive freight rates for export cargo.
  • The FSA offers secure ready-built premises.

Furthermore, the executive managers, expatriate staff and their families obtain obligatory and free resident permits.

The commercial spaces in the Seychelles International Trade Zone are rented at competitive prices . These spacious, air-conditioned buildings are built in the Seychellois architecture.

The international free zone is located 1 km from the Seychelles capital VICTORIA and only 3 km from the international airport.

It is accessible by expressway or by boat.

Companies with their effective headquarters in the Seychelles International Trade Zone benefit from a total exemption from taxes.

However, the company must pay an annual license, the price of this tax is according to the activity , the minimum is of USD 550

As each company is based in the Seychelles, these companies must submit their accounts annually audited and certified by an accountant to the Seychelles administrative departments.

All amenities (ADSL, maritime transport, aircraft) are present in the Seychelles.

It is easy to find qualified Seychellois staff in several sectors, with an asset bilingualism (English / French); (English / Italian).

The quality of life, the tax advantages make the Seychelles a privileged place for the business world.