A tool for Tax Planning : OFFSHORE Company


Professional offshore  since 1998, we incorporate with offshore bank account IBC’s, CSL’s and companies in Trade Zone.

The offshore companies are registered in 24/48 workable hours.

The creation of your offshore company IBC, International Business Company in the jurisdiction of Seychelles will allow you to optimize your income and to perpetuate your assets. Seychelles, a reputable jurisdiction, accepts non-resident companies. These offshore companies are not subject to tax and can open a bank account in Seychelles but also in other countries.

After the registration of the offshore company, the bank account of the offshore company International Business Company (IBC) can be opened in the bank of your choice.

“Société Internationale” offers you the opening of this offshore bank account in several jurisdictions: Seychelles, Mauritius.

International Business Company IBC OFFSHORE Seychelles

Characteristics of an OFFSHORE COMPANY or IBC

  • The company off shore has Memorandum specifying activities in which the enterprise can be committed.
  • The company offshore is incorporated by one or several physical or moral persons.
  • It can have a preceded denomination or followed by ” Ltd “. “Inc.”,”Corp. “
  • No obligation to depose the capital.
  • The client doesn’t need to go to Seychelles islands, all the constitution can be alone done through internet.
  • Possibility to have nominee director or nominee shareholders.
  • The shares are registered.
  • The object of the Company are not limited, the company offshore can do all activities allowed in the currency of its choice.
  • The International Business Company (IBC) of Seychelles can be the owner of vessels planes, buildings (not in Seychelles).
  • The registered office must be in Seychelles with a Registered agent.
  • The annual tax fixed for the life of the Company off shore is USD 140 whatever the capital; IT’S THE ONLY TAX TO BE PAID.
  • The account records must be kept during 7 years.
  • The International Business Company (IBC) of Seychelles can invest in trusts, mutual funds…

Only the registered agent  and the Bank manager of the International Business Company (IBC) know the identity of beneficiary economics.

Advantages of IBC Located in Seychelles jurisdiction

  • Companies names can be chosen according to clients.
  • Confidentiality relative
  • Rapid service.
  • Total exoneration of tax (except the annual tax).
  • Annual tax fixed for the life of the Company.
  • No taxation of inheritance and no taxation of capital gains.
  • No obligatory meeting, but The account records must be kept during 7 years.
  • A company will not be required to submit an annual return.
  • Banking details completely secret.
  • No exchange control.
  • Registered shares.
  • No local director.
  • The world’s less expensive annual tax.
  • Permanent communication possible between the client and his agent with the new means of communication and with the different correspondents.
  • Possibility to communicate by encoded mails.
  • Possibility to open a Bank account for your Company anywhere in the world .
  • The Seychelles is a jurisdiction in accordance with the OECD requirements.

Activities of an Offshore Company (IBC)

The offshore company in the Seychelles may commit in any lawful business, except the restrictions below.

The offshore company can trade with all countries even in Seychelles (partly) and it can own and manage the registered ships in Seychelles.

The new law specifies that an IBC may own or operate a Seychelles registered vessel under the Merchant Shipping Act and the vessel may visit Seychelles or be located in Seychelles’ territorial waters.

The offshore company can trade with all countries except Seychelles however it can own and manage ships registered in the Seychelles.

The new Act clarifies that an IBC may own or manage a vessel registered in Seychelles under the Merchant Shipping Act and the vessel may visit or be situated in Seychelles waters, provided that the IBC shall not carry on any business in Seychelles in contravention of section 5(2)(a), including, without limitation, fishing, charter or tourism business involving the vessel.

Restrictions minimum:

The International Business Company Act doesn’t allow an IBC (International Business Company) to practice the following activities:

  • own an interest in real property in Seychelles.
  • To carry on banking.
  • To carry on business of an insurance or reinsurance company.

And the following activities unless they are authorized or otherwise legalized under the laws of the country outside Seychelles where the offshore company Seychelles carries on this business.

  • carrying on securities business.
  • carrying on business as a mutual fund.
  • carrying on gambling business.
  • stockbroker, bank, trust;
  • crypto money